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At Gentherm we provide high-quality electronic manufacturing services for top companies across the globe. We are more than an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) provider! We’ve developed and produced advanced electronic controls for leading OEMs around the world. We have the expertise and resources to compete globally, meeting strict standards of quality. Our philosophy is to fit within our customer’s needs – from taking ideas on a napkin to a fully functional product on a store shelf, to providing DFM recommendations for your completed design. Our support comes where our customers need us, at whatever point in the product development process.

Design &

Drawing on extensive experience
in design and engineering for
advanced electronic controls,
Etratech Inc. combines top
quality production with service
and value in leading-edge
hardware and software

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Our experienced manufacturing
engineers and technologists
provide state-of-the-art PCB
assembly and manufacturing
services. We cover all steps of
the process, from control
 conceptualization and design,
to surface mount (SMT) or
through-hole PCB manufacturing,
as well as all mechanical operations
for enclosures and fixtures.

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We know that stringent quality
control and testing standards
are as important as excellent
design and manufacturing
expertise. We take a Total Quality
Management approach, combining
ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification
with Six Sigma practices to assure
you of superior design, manufacture,
testing, and inspection of your
electronic controls.

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